A lack of confidence, knowledge and experience can lead to a fire extinguisher being used incorrectly, which can be dangerous. Ensure your employees are able to use an extinguisher safely and effectively in the event of a fire. This course has been designed to meet the requirements of:

  • 1981 & 2003 Fire Services Act
  • Dangerous Substances (Flammable Liquids and Fuels Retail Stores) Regulations, 2019
  • Regulation 9 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005

Course content

  • The Chemistry of Fire (Fire Triangle)
  • The Principals of Fire Prevention
  • The Classes of Fire The Types of Fire Extinguishers
  • How to use a Fire Extinguisher (practical)

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The Fire Safety Awareness Training Course is designed to raise awareness of fire hazards in the workplace, particularly at a petrol filling station, and how to respond in the event of a fire emergency, including selecting and using the correct fire extinguisher depending on the type of fire. This half-day course also offers delegates hands on experience of tackling a fire with the use of an extinguisher on a live controlled fire.

Who should attend

All employees, supervisors, employers or any individual concerned with the operation of a petrol filling station.


Upon completion of this course, successful participants will receive certification in Fire Safety Awareness which is valid for 1 year.